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  • Tim Patten

    I started a book one men’s rights.Two years later I find your web site. I LOVE IT! The book is now being published. I expect it to be in the online stores by March 10 2014.

  • Your explanation of social trends makes me feel uncomfortable. I agree wholeheartedly that more attention needs to be paid to men’s pain and men’s mental health in general. But I think it’s important to keep in mind that men have privilege; economic, social and political. I feel that the answer is not to award men “a bigger piece of the pie” in terms of resources and attention, but rather to work towards a different reality, one that doesn’t confine anyone on the basis of their gender. I would love to continue this conversation!

  • Tell us how you might suggest things shift to create a different reality and honor men’s pain without “giving them a bigger piece of the pie.” What possible connection could there be between honoring men’s pain and not doing so based on their “privilege?” Oh, we’ll just ignore the needs of this group since they have so much! Oh millionaires shouldn’t be given equal treatment for disease, they are privileged! LOL!