The Problem

1. Cultural assumptions about Rigid Sex Role and Male Disposability fuel and enable

2. Male Bashing and Stereotypes. These lead to

3. Double Standards which eventually leads to

4. Discrimination.


Stereotypes of men

Violent? This has led to double standards and discrimination in areas such as domestic violence.

All men are Rapists? - This has led to over zealous rape shield laws and a blind eye to false accusations of rape.

Cold and unfeeling? This leads to indifference in men's emotions and translates into a lack of understanding and services for men in need.

Indifferent and bumbling caretakers? This leaves men out of their families after divorce via the family court system.


Why is it dangerous to bring up that men are victims of DV?

This is anyone's guess. My own sense is that the entire domestic violence industry is built on the Duluth Model which holds men as being violent and the perpetrators and women as the victims. The system has been built from the ground up with that thesis. One needs only look at the public service announcements that any domestic violence center produces and it is easy to see that the over-riding assumption is that women are the victims and men the perps. Have you ever seen a public service announcement that is directed towards men who are victims of domestic violence? I would bet not.

The domestic violence emergency shelters are only for women. They only allow female residents and staff. No men allowed. Most shelters will not allow young boys above the age of 12 in the shelters. They are considered dangerous. The staff of the shelters is largely volunteer driven and many of the volunteers are women who have been victims of domestic violence. These women obviously have a viewpoint that is skewed towards believing that men are the violent ones and that women are the victims.

There are a number of reports from ex-staff members of shelters who discuss the blaming of men that goes on. The staff are largely radical feminists who already have an ax to grind in blaming men and add to that the volunteer staff who have personal experiences that lead them in a similar direction. This leaves us with the paid staff and the volunteers likely being anti-male.


What was the information?