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Kenneth was humbly raised in Virginia, one of eight kids. He attended Old Dominion University as an undergraduate in electrical engineering before enlisting in the United States Air Force (USAF). After basic and technical military training, he moved to Cambridge, England to work as an air traffic controller. Most of Kenneth’s adult life was spent in Europe. Over the years, he has traveled to dozens of countries and has been fortunate enough to live in Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and Spain. Kenneth was married for 21 years and is the father of two grown sons and a stepdaughter. Unfortunately, he found himself divorced at age 43, but retired and financially secure with a military pension at 44. Thus, he set about traveling for ten years to live, learn and experience the world with open eyes. Kenneth became a first-time author at 47, and has gone on to write several books to help men and women through relationships and important decisions. His latest passion is to help young boys develop positive identities as males and improve their self-esteem. Kenneth hopes the Brilliant Bob books will counteract the masculinity crisis in today’s society.

An Antidote to the Attack on Masculinity: Kids Books for Boys that Teach the Value of Masculine Traits

It’s no secret that feminists, leftists and modern society have pushed for and insisted on the feminization of nearly every institution you care to mention. Sadly, it doesn’t just affect grown men anymore. It affects literally all males and it’s their mission to get at boys while they’re young, and apparently, the younger the better. Suddenly, I find I’m wrong if I say it starts in school. Now, it’s an omni-present, multi-faceted, multi-medium, pernicious attack on boys and masculinity: e.g., through cartoons, posters, TV shows, advertising & movies.

Having said that, let’s start with the education system. It’s correct to say that schools are highly feminized environments, where elementary schools are staffed with female teachers at a rate of 90 percent, to include the Continue reading An Antidote to the Attack on Masculinity: Kids Books for Boys that Teach the Value of Masculine Traits