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A Requiem for Manhood

By Paul Nathanson


Yesterday was a fine spring day. On my way out for the afternoon, I saw some yellow tulips shyly lifting their heads to the sky and the first bright and feathery leaves unfolding on branches. And yet I spent the afternoon indoors at a movie. It’s about the decline of manhood and therefore should be of great interest to everyone who cares about men. Here’s a synopsis of The Rider (Chloé Zhao, 2018).

Its setting is a Lakota reservation in the “badlands” of North Dakota. Brady is a beautiful young man, who loves horses and can’t imagine a life without caring for them and riding them. He lives in poverty with his retarded younger sister and widowed father. But Brady has a big problem, Continue reading A Requiem for Manhood

The Future of American Men – Sen Josh Hawley

The Price of Pacifism:

By Paul Nathanson

ALL (D).jpg

The Great War produced several fine movies during the 1920s and 1930s (before the next war became a topic of greater urgency). Notable among these are Wings (William Wellman, 1927), Sister in White (Victor Fleming, 1933), A Farewell to Arms (Frank Borzage, 1932) and, most notable by far, All Quiet on the Western Front (Lewis Milestone, 1930). Like The Birth of a Nation (D.W. Griffith, 1915) this was a cinematic landmark with political consequences. Critics have compared other war movies to All Quiet ever since.


Men Must Fight (Edgar Selwyn, 1933) begins during the Great War and continues until the outbreak of another war twenty years later. Laura works as a military nurse just behind the front line in France and soon falls in love with Geoffrey, an American pilot. The two plan to marry. Before they can do so, however, Laura becomes pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Edward, an officer, falls in love Continue reading The Price of Pacifism:



At one time, one mark of a gentlemen was the practice and privilege of carrying a sidearm. When the Japanese samurai were forced to give up their exclusive right to carry swords, it marked the end of their status and really their existence and of Japan’s  feudal society. At some point, this started to have unfortunate consequences, with the proliferation of dynastic and clan warfare, duels, and other private violence. Gradually these practices were suppressed and superseded by lawsuits, which undoubtedly did help to diminish the level of violence and have long been hailed as an advancement in civilization. In retrospect, it is not clear that this improvement was not without some unintended and unfortunate consequences of its own. It greatly diminished the role of private citizens and householders — that is, men — as protectors of themselves, their homes and families, and our freedom. Instead, it substituted (and forced us all to pay) a professional gendarmerie that acquired a near monopoly over the means of force and that has become increasingly authoritarian, bureaucratic, and subject to political manipulation — that is, a positive threat to our freedom. It also greatly augmented the power of lawyers, who have become our professional surrogate citizens, and judges, who are rapidly becoming our de facto rulers. Continue reading FIREARMS: AN EXCERPT FROM A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO MANNERS, SEX, AND RULING THE WORLD

Godspeed, you Barbarian Kings, Godspeed:

Godspeed, you Barbarian Kings, Godspeed:

Have you ever read Conan the Barbarian?

Not the comics, though they aren’t bad at all. No, I mean the original Robert E. Howard stories. The old pulp-magazine tales. If no, then you should. If yes, well – go re-read them. They are, as a matter of fact, excellent. Even when some of them admittedly suffer from the old pulp-magazine curse of being somewhat overwritten. No wonder, of course, considering that these magazines more often than not paid their writers per word. If they paid them at all. When Robert E. Howard shot himself, the Weird Tales magazine owed him a not insubstantial amount of money. But that is besides the point. So, too, is Conan the Barbarian, when it comes to that. But it is a nice introduction, and an opportunity for me to recommend these excellent stories.

Continue reading Godspeed, you Barbarian Kings, Godspeed:

An Antidote to the Attack on Masculinity: Kids Books for Boys that Teach the Value of Masculine Traits

It’s no secret that feminists, leftists and modern society have pushed for and insisted on the feminization of nearly every institution you care to mention. Sadly, it doesn’t just affect grown men anymore. It affects literally all males and it’s their mission to get at boys while they’re young, and apparently, the younger the better. Suddenly, I find I’m wrong if I say it starts in school. Now, it’s an omni-present, multi-faceted, multi-medium, pernicious attack on boys and masculinity: e.g., through cartoons, posters, TV shows, advertising & movies.

Having said that, let’s start with the education system. It’s correct to say that schools are highly feminized environments, where elementary schools are staffed with female teachers at a rate of 90 percent, to include the Continue reading An Antidote to the Attack on Masculinity: Kids Books for Boys that Teach the Value of Masculine Traits