Cancel Culture is Girl Culture

DAVIA Press Release: ‘Cancel Culture is Girl Culture:’ Lawmakers Should Reject Feminist Calls for Censorship



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‘Cancel Culture is Girl Culture:’ Lawmakers Should Reject Feminist Calls for Censorship

April 10, 2024 – Feminists around the world are lobbying intensively to enact so-called “hate speech” laws. But gender activists never mention that women typically are the perpetrators of online harassment, and men more likely to be the targets.

Numerous studies document the fact that women are more likely to support restrictions on free speech. Psychologist Cory Clark concludes, “Across decades, topics, and studies, women are more censorious than men” (1). The most aggressive form of censorship, often referred to as “cancel culture,” typically is perpetrated by women:

·         In Cancel Culture is Girl Culture, British writer Louise Perry reveals, “the weird thing about our culture of silencing dissidents is how extremely girly it is” (2).

·         Canadian journalist Tara Henley explains provocatively, “when I think back to the online mobbings that I’ve witnessed in recent years, I have to admit that many of the main actors were women” (3).

UN Women is a leading proponent of hate speech laws. But a review of the UN Women reports about online harassment (4, 5, 6) reveals they are factually dishonest, for three reasons:

1.    The Pew Research Center reveals that among persons under 30 years of age, 43% of men, compared to 38% of women, have experienced online harassment (7). But UN Women never acknowledges this fact.

2.    UN Women does not highlight the fact that women are more likely the persons to engage in the harassment.

3.    UN Women illogically concludes that women are “disproportionately” affected by online harassment.

Ignoring these facts, feminists are advocating for “hate-speech” laws around the world (8). But bans on free speech represent a dangerous step towards totalitarian control (9).

During the COVID era, for example, persons who exercised their free speech rights to question mandates for social distancing, masking, and vaccinations were strongly criticized, prosecuted, and even jailed (10). As a result, the disruptive closure of churches, businesses, and schools was allowed to continue for over two years.

In contrast, Sweden encouraged open debate about its COVID policies. Public health authorities shunned coercive measures and promoted voluntary approaches. A recent analysis reveals that compared to other countries, Sweden enjoyed lower excess death rates, the economy expanded, and school children did not experience any learning loss (11).

Around the world, free speech advocates are speaking out in opposition to hate speech policies. Last week in Scotland, famed author J.K. Rowling spoke out in open defiance of the country’s new Hate and Public Order Act (12).

Lawmakers should reject feminist calls for totalitarian hate speech laws.

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Cancel Culture is Girl Culture


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