Why do Men’s Advocates See Through the Lies?

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I was thinking the other day that a large percentage of the men I know who are active in men’s rights issues see through the government’s lies.  I wondered why?  Then I realized that those of us who have been doing this work for some time have seen time and time again the lying of our government.  It started for me with the Domestic Violence lies and for many it was the family court lies.  The lies about men being oppressors, the lies about toxic masculinity and on and on.  We have a history of seeing the lies and making  up our own minds about what we think may be the truth. We have already gone through that essential period of disbelief.   So many people have never really been personally confronted with these sorts of lies and are therefore automatons of the media/big tech/bigacademe and of course big government.  

Would love to hear your take on this.